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  1. 25 Things I Have Learned...

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011

    25 Things I Have Learned in My Life.

    1. Protanopia is type of colorblind for 'red weakness', like me (kucing kuyup).
    2. Life is a privilege.
    3. Everyone should have a cat because a cat makes you smile once in a while.
    4. I love orange because i can see perfect.
    5. A piece of cake quote is wrong.
    6. Designing makes me happy.
    7. Friends who listen are rare treasures.
    8. Health sometimes is a choice.
    9. Do what you want. Priority.
    10. Don't judge people. See yourself.
    11. Silent is good, but sometimes will be ignored.
    12. You look great when you have supporters. You really need someone, at least a shadow.
    13. Truth is simple.
    14. Love can buy. Soul can't.
    15. Wishes can heal a day.
    16. Patient is a rare weapon.
    17. There is no end to learning; you just move to the next level.
    18. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself.
    19. Double-standard is a game. sucks.
    20. Older doesn’t mean wiser unless you’ve looked within. Younger doesn't mean fool.
    21. Respect others.
    22. It’s never a shame when you admit you don’t know something, and often a shame when you assume that you do.
    23. Fears are poison. Trusted is hard-to-get.
    24. Be truth or be quiet.
    25. Exercise actually creates time.
    26. Game is never over.

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